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College Aid Planners specializes in serving the unique financial needs of parents who want their children to attend college. We focus specifically on solving the three financial challenges that these parents face:

» Paying for College.

» Reducing Tax Burden.

» Securing Retirement.

The largest expense you'll face.

For many families, college tuition is the largest expense they will ever face. Most stumble uninformed into the college years, lacking the proper knowledge to take advantage of the numerous financial opportunities available to them.

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Looking back on things.

Many clients tell us that with their busy lives college crept up on them. Before they knew it, they were facing the daunting task of college tuition. Unfortunately, many parents let retirement sneak up on them as well.  Don't make the same mistake twice.

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Don't let our name fool you.

While we specialize in college planning. We also provide other financial services. From tax prep to retirement advice. We can assist you in developing a comprehensive financial strategy. After all, college is just one piece of the puzzle!

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