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WGN Midday News [April 25, 2016]

Your Money Matters: College Finance Tips

Wall Street Journal  

The Wall Street Journal [April 3. 2016]

A Q&A on Paying for College

InsuranceNewsNet Magazine  

Insurance News Net [March 28, 2016]

Is It Crazy to Talk Politics With Your Clients?


Good Call [March 3, 2016]

The Future of the Student Aid Enforcement Unit and Its Reach Beyond For-Profit Schools


USA Today [February 25, 2015]

5 FAFSA Tips for Students with Divorced Parents


Money [January 20, 2016]

3 Steps to More College Financial Aid From FAFSA


Good Call [December 8, 2015]

Pell Grants for High School Students Will Increase Access to Dual Enrollment Programs for Low-Income Students


Money [November 9, 2015]

The Best College Savings Plan You May Never Have Heard Of


US News & World Report [November 6, 2015]

When is the Right Time to Buy Your Child a Cellphone?


The Street [October 20, 2015]

Hey, College Grads: Your Student Loan Repayment Clock Is Ticking


US News & World Report [October 13, 2015]

3 Changes to the FAFSA for College Students to Understand


Ask Yahoo Finance [October 8, 2015]

Is It Too Late to Open a 529 Plan for My Teenage Son?


Ask Yahoo Finance [September 24, 2015]

Does Opening a 529 for a Grandchild Affect How Much Financial Aid He

Would Get?


Investment News [September 6, 2015]

Fears About Rising College Costs Present an Opportunity for Advisors


Crain's Wealth [September 4, 2015]

Even Affluent Parents Can Tap Into Financial Aid to Lower the Cost of College


Financial Advisor [September 1, 2015]

Older Parents, Younger Children


US News & World Report [August 19, 2015]

3 Important College Funding Questions to Answer During a Divorce


Yahoo! Finance [August 11, 2015]

Changes to a Crucial Financial Aid Formula May Hurt Middle-Income Families


The Street [August 3, 2015]

Millennials Need To Play Catch-Up On Credit Scores


Ask Yahoo! Finance [July 21, 2015]

Should I Pay Off My Son's Student Loans Early?


GoodCall [June 22, 2015]

How Much Student Debt is Really Too Much?


USAToday [June 18, 2015]

Why it's OK to Move In with Your Parents After College


US News & World Report [May 20,2015]

4 Ways to Grow a College Savings Account Quickly


Solo Finance [May 11, 2015]

Groupon and Other Weird Ways to Pay for College


Chicago Parent [April 15, 2015]

Student Debt Worries on Many Chicago Parents’ Minds


Community College Review [January 16, 2015]

Is President Obama's Plan for Free Community College Right for America?


nerdwallet [December 8, 2014]

In-State Tuition Could Save a Bundle — If You Establish Residency


Society of Grownups [August 29, 2014]

Buying a 529 Plan? Avoid These Common Mistakes


YAHOO! Finance [August 14, 2014]

Are College Aid Planners Worth the Money?


AmeriForce [August 10, 2014]

Ways To Save for Your Child's Education


Yahoo! Finance [April 28, 2014]

5 Ways to Avoid Student Loans


Ask Yahoo! Finance [April 11, 2014]

Help! My Student Loan Debt is Ruining My Life!


Smartycents. [January 21, 2014]

Filing the FAFSA: What Parents Need to Know


Credit Repair Blog [November 5, 2013]

Reining in Student Loan Debt Through Wise Borrowing Practices
 [October 7, 2013]

Obamacare Will Cost Students More Than They Can Afford


MSN Money [July 31, 2013]

6 Questions to Boost College Aid


The Street [July 29, 2013]

5 Ways to Solve College Sticker Shock


ABC7 News [February 13, 2013]

Tips to Avoid a Mountain of College Debt

  Credit Union National Association [February 6, 2013]

Parents: Borrow for Kid's College, Jeopardize Retirement


Bloomberg Businessweek [October 11, 2012]

Perry's Fixed-Rate Tuition Given Poor Marks in Georgia [September 26, 2012]

How to Decide Which Student Loans to Accept


FOX Business [September 12, 2012]

Top-Value 4-Year Colleges Around the US


Heartlander [August 3, 2012]

Student Debt Tops $1 Trillion, Creating Another Economic Drag


CUNA Turning Points [July, 2012]

Paying for Your Child'S Higher Education


Business Insider [June 29, 2012]

Here's Why You Shouldn't Wait To Pay Back Student Loans


U.S. News & World Report [May 21, 2012]

7 Ways to Prepare for Student Loan Repayment


Heartlander [May 18, 2012]

Illinois Auditor Slams State's College Tuition Program


FOX Business [April 3, 2012]

When to Claim Children as Dependents on Your Taxes


Daily Herald [March 25, 2012]

Suburban Students Struggle With College Debt


Business Insider [February 10, 2012]

7 Reasons You Might Not Want to Put a Ring On It


The Daily Californian [February 14, 2012]

CALPRIG College Signatures to Protest Possible Student Loan Interest Rare increase


Business Insider [February 7, 2012]

The $100 Billion Student Debt Bubble May Finally Blow


Business Insider [January 30, 2012]

Doubling the Interest Rates On Student Loans Could

Actually Be a Good Thing


Bankrate [January 27, 2012]

Pay As You Earn: What students need to know


Business Insider [January 21, 2012]

College Tuition Insurance: Is it Worth the Cost?


Heartlander [December 28, 2011]

Illinois Tuition Program May Need $1.6 Billion Rescue


Fox Business [April 27, 2011]

College Debt: How Much is Too Much


First Business [March 23, 2011]

Paying For College
 [January 26, 2011]

Coverdells Offer Investing Flexibility


iGrad [October 28, 2010]

Student Loan Horror Stories


Multiples And More [August, 2010]

Saving for Your Multiples College Education


Forbes [July 27, 2010]

Should Your College Kid Live at Home? [July, 2010]

Quirky Scholarships Just as Good as Traditional


Wall Street Journal [July 1, 2010]

They Left the Bank, But Not The Customers [April 2010]

Six Problems That Can Derail Your 529 Plan


Get [January 5, 2010]

Best Tax Credits for Online Education [January 2010]

Tiny Payments Can Supersize Your 529 Plan


The Bill Moller Radio Program [September 26, 2009] [September 2009]

How 6 Experts Manage Their Kids’ 529 Plans

Home & Family Finance Radio [December 16, 2007]
Saving for College


Home & Family Finance Radio [January 7, 2007]
Saving for College


Chicago Parent [November 2006]
Saving for College

CUNA Fundamentals of Personal Finance [Spring 2005]
Your College Savings Answers

CLTV News — Your Money Program [September 11, 2004]
Scholarship Scams

Kiplinger's Safe Investing [Winter 2003]
The Vision Thing
©2003 The Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc

CLTV News — Your Money Program [August, 29, 2003]
The Sooner You Start Planning The Better Your Chances

Suburban Focus [August 2003]
Keeping Your College Student on Budget


CLTV News — Your Money Program [June 20, 2003]
New Student Loan Rates & Strategies for 2003-2004

Personal Finance [May 14, 2003]
Hedging the Tuition Explosion

Personal Finance [December 11, 2002]
Helping Grandchildren Pay for College

Suburban Focus [September 2002]
Don't Pay Sticker Price for A College Education

CLTV News — Your Money Program [Aug 2, 2002]
Help Your College Student Stay On Budget

CLTV News — Your Money Program [May 18, 2002]
College Aid Planning: Sooner is Better




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