Seminar Descriptions

Don’t Pay the College Sticker Price!
The program will introduce the three key areas of opportunity to reduce the overall cost of college for parents of all income levels—not just low or moderate-income families. It will highlight strategies to maximize need-based financial aid eligibility, target the colleges for merit-based financial aid, and exploit tax-saving opportunities.

Making ₵ent$ of College Costs
This presentation is geared towards students. It is designed to open the eyes of high school kids so they make smart college decisions and avoid burying themselves in a life-altering debt. They will gain an understanding of how the college choices they are about to make are going to impact their life after college.

Why the Student Loan Bubble is Becoming Your Problem
In this program, I discuss the depth of the student debt crisis and how it got to this point. I not only focus on the long term impact for the Millennial Generation, but also the long term impact this massive student debt will have on the economy and society as a whole.

How to Save for College
In this presentation, we’ll talk about how much college costs today, where these costs might be headed in the future, and why it’s important to start saving now. Then, we’ll take a look at different ways to save for college. We’ll also discuss the role of financial aid and how your savings choices can impact your child’s eligibility for aid.

Is Your Retirement Plan Smarter Than a 4th Grader?
While helping my 4th grader with his math homework, I realized that many of the concepts he was learning are the same ones that I use with clients in retirement planning. Find out if your retirement plan stands the test of 4th grade math.

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