Financial Aid

The college financial aid system, which includes scholarships, grants, student loans and tax‐saving opportunities, was designed to help relieve this expensive burden. This system provides relief for parents of all income levels—not just low or moderate‐income families. To help you maximize need-based and merit-based financial aid eligibility as well as exploit the educational tax-saving opportunities, we offer the following services:

Initial Consultation“College Reality Check” – For families with infants through high school students
Get a realistic estimate of what college is going to cost and what you can afford so that you are not heading blindly into the college planning process. You’ll receive a thorough analysis of the factors affecting your overall cost and advise you of any cost reduction strategies.

We will also have a frank discussion of the long-term impact of college expenses on your retirement.

Comprehensive College Planning Services – For families of high school seniors and college students
Take the hassle and anxiety out of navigating the college financial aid process. Improperly completed forms or missed deadlines may disqualify you for or reduce your aid. Don’t take that chance! We guide you through completing paperwork in a timely manner to meet school deadlines. After receiving your award letters, we assist in evaluating and appealing the aid packages offered. We also advise you on how to most efficiently pay college costs not covered by aid and inform you of available educational tax breaks.

Student Loan Discussion – For anyone with or considering student loans

Trying to understand your student loan options? Currently saddled with student debt? Wondering about refinancing? Don’t know where to turn with questions? We can provide the answers on your borrowing options.

College Aid Planners, Inc. is not a scholarship search service and does not and can not guarantee financial aid.

Furthermore, we will not make recommendations that are either illegal or unethical.